Ramesh J. Kar, PhD, PE, FASM

714-527-7100 x 103

Ramesh’s consulting experience spans areas of failure analysis, materials selection, product liability and development. He has been principal investigator in over 3000 failure investigations including turbine/heat exchanger failures, glass failures, metal, wood and plastic chair failures, composite poles, ski-boots, chains, seatbelts, ladder failures; ladder cases, automotive & airplane component failures, ABS piping/construction defect cases. He has provided testimony in over 500 civil and criminal investigations (plaintiff and defense) in the states of California and Nevada.


Naresh J. Kar, PhD, PE, FASM

Vice President
714-527-7100 x 102

Naresh’s consulting experience spans areas of corrosion/wear/mechanical failures, patent infringement, surface techniques and product development. Dr. Kar’s legal experience are in the areas of automotive component failures, tire failures, plumbing/piping failures, medical device failures, chairs, industrial hardware failures, construction defects, bicycle accidents, paint analysis, gas and propane explosions, and food contamination issues. He has provided expert witness testimony in over 500 depositions and 40 trials (civil and criminal) in California and Nevada.

Nikhil Kar, PhD PE2

Principal Engineer nikhil.kar@karslab.com 714-527-7100 x 104

Nikhil’s expertise is in metallurgy, materials science, mechanical engineering, failure analysis, mechanical/materials behavior, laboratory testing, contamination analysis and equipment function to determine cause(s) of failure.  He is involved in various consulting projects including implant failures, product failures, automotive component failures and patent infringement matters. When time permits, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses for the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California.


Adam Bovie, PE, IAAI-FIT

Principal Electrical Engineer
Origin & Cause Investigator adam.bovie@karslab.com 714-527-7100 x 105

Adam is an electrical engineer with extensive experience in using X-Ray equipment for analysis of product failures. He has completed FEMA and IAAI Coursework in fire and explosion investigations on structures and vehicles. Mr. Bovie has instructed tenured university engineering professors and faculty in analysis and interpretation of CT imaging for failure analysis of composite materials for aerospace applications.

Timothy Roig

Engineering / Metallography

Tim is our lead metallographer and laboratory engineer.  He is involved various projects and performs important investigative research in  fields of engineering and science.

Mitch Peralta

Materials / Metallography Technician

Mitch performs a number of functions in the laboratory including: metallurgical mount preparation, precision cutting, photographic documentation and microscopy.

Lizeth Chamorro

Accounting & Office Manager
714-527-7100 x 101

Lizeth keeps our laboratory organized.  She maintains chain of custody forms, accounts, and is responsible for coordinating our lab schedule.